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Exterior Works

Exterior Works

Exterior Works

When it comes to maintaining your home or commercial premises, the integrity of the outside is equally important as the inside. Unfortunately, many new homebuyers or commercial property owners tend to take this for granted and devote the bulk of their attention to interior remodelling.

Simply put, the exterior of a home is one of its most crucial aspects—from the roof to the foundation, the condition of the exterior determines how well-protected the interior will be from the harmful effects of weather.

One reason homebuyers in particular tend to disregard a house’s exterior is because they assume a cursory assessment of its outward appearance confirms the health of its condition. However, the effects of siding damage often take place beneath the surface, most often in the form of water damage or dry rot. Such problems can easily elude the untrained eye, giving homeowners a falsely positive impression of the exterior’s condition.

Life Property Improvements Exterior Works

As well as extensive interior maintenance and restoration works, the team at Life Property Improvements is also experienced in outdoor projects, no matter how big your design ambitions or repairs may be.

We are skilled in bricklaying, consistently delivering the highest quality brickworks through our team of specialist trades men.   We specialise in all kinds of brickwork from simply erecting walls to creating building shell for the commercial and domestic markets.

We can vastly improve the look and condition of your home or commercial premises by fitting fascia and soffits or fabricating all new sheet roofs.

Exterior Landscaping

We also have an experienced team dealing with driveways and other landscaping works.  Our services include laying quality driveways, landscaping, patios and paving.

We always use the highest quality materials and are committed to a high attention to detail. Our aims is to deliver a superior driveway, landscaped garden or patio for our customers.


We also ensure the durability of your home or commercial property by providing professional timber treatments to prevent rotting or degradation to any wood products ranging from joists in the roof to fencing or decking in your garden.

For a free quote and estimate for all of your exterior works, please call us on 01792 936770.