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Kitchen & Bathroom Installations

Kitchen And Bathroom Installation

Kitchen And Bathroom Installation

Entering in to major work to renovate or decorate one part of the house can throw your whole life off balance, even more so when such projects include kitchen or bathroom installations; the most commonly used rooms in every home.

Life Property Improvements ensure that all kitchen and bathroom installations are carried out with as little fuss as possible, incorporating all the necessary electrical and plumbing work needed, as well as applying ceramic tiling and decorating, meaning you can enjoy your new facilities even sooner and without any extra worry.

Bathroom Fitting Service

Once you have chosen your new bathroom range, why not let Life Property Improvements’ team of specialist tradesmen take care of the installation and finishing.

In addition to a complete bathroom installation, we also offer plumbing, tiling, lighting and decorating services.  By providing an all-encompassing fitting and installation, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your new bathroom will be installed to the highest possible standards at a reasonable price… and minimum disruption to you and your family.

Kitchen Installations

If you’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen but don’t know where to start, we can help.  Our team of specialist tradesmen will provide you with free advice and guidance to get you started.  We are not a kitchen supply company but can recommend the best companies to suit your budget and specific requirements.

Advantages of Life Property Improvements’ Services

Our team of expert plumbers and carpenters will manage every step of the  process from the delivery and installation of your bathroom or kitchen through to the plumbing, plastering and tiling.  Whilst works is underway, you can rest assured that your home will be treated with care and respect by our tradesmen.

Using our services also means that you have access to a one-stop-shop when it comes to a complete bathroom and kitchen installation, saving you time and money by avoiding the need to find your own specialists for the different jobs.

To find out more about our comprehensive and affordable kitchen and bathroom installation service, call us today on 01792 926770.